Four Things to Expect at the Blue Cafe on New Year's Eve
Jeremy Eichenbaum

Four Things to Expect at the Blue Cafe on New Year's Eve

Champagne. Kisses at midnight. Some dude throwing up.

These are what we've come to expect at New Year's Eve parties, which is why I'm headed to the Blue Cafe in Long Beach to see the Spell, Ambush Freqs and Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel. I'm no psychic (although I play one on this blog), so here's what I'm planning on seeing this Saturday evening.
1. All the Equipment Working
It's rare that I go to any kind of event anywhere and think, "Hmm. I wonder if the electrical system will work tonight," but after watching this video of Spell members Josh Brown, Andy Kiddoo and Tone Blair advertise their day jobs running Don's Appliances, I can rest assured that any sort of electric malfunction will be handled immediately because they know how "to service all major brands of household appliances" because "it's not just about getting the job done. It's about making a connection with the client, providing quality service at an affordable rate." Seriously, move over Bill O'Reilly rant and Leprechaun re-mix because this here is my new favorite video on the Internet.



First off, it's

New Year's Eve

, so of course everyone's going to be lit. However, people at this show will be particularly wasted because

the Blue Cafe

is advertising that they "will not be overselling our show so that you can party in comfort." I like this because there is nothing worse than partying in discomfort. Who needs all those people around bumping into you and shit? Fuck that.

Hugh Hefner

is my party icon for chrissakes because the man wears nothing but pajamas. Sure, I think I look good in a nice pair of slacks and maybe a cardigan to boot, but I'd much rather rock mis chanclas,


pajama bottoms and my crusty house sweater with the


stain on it. In fact, I might just do that.

3. Psychedelia
In addition to the copious amounts of alcohol, judging by the show's lineup, I might be in for a trippy night, man. For starters, we got Ambush Freqs, an electro-based act that combines deejaying with live videos and a female singer. Judging by this video, I hope to stay sober enough that I don't tell DJ/singer Dirty Birdie that I want to marry her. But I make no promises. Next on the bill is Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel. As if their name isn't 'Frisco circa '69 enough, these dudes play organ-driven, bass-heavy grooves with enough reverb on the vocals that I think I'll protest the Vietnam War (assuming I'm not making out with Dirty Birdie in a private room with those hippies beads in the doorway). Finally, you saw that Don's Appliances video, right? I mean, are those some hippies or what? I can only imagine what I'd do if I needed an appliance fixed and one of those bearded long hairs showed up. "Uh...yeah...I called you to fix my stackable washer/dryer, but on second thought, I think it's working now."


Good Looking People

All you have to do is search this here site for evidence that I've written about how

the Spell

(and their previous group

On Blast

) is the best local band around. What I might have failed to mention is that they also have the most attractive fanbase of any local act I know. For starters, I'm a fan and I'm really good looking. Second, the males in attendance are always so fit that I stare at them with bedroom eyes and I just know they must work out or something. Wait...did I just say that?

If this sounds like fun (and you know it does), I suggest buying at ticket early because if you do, it's five dollars cheaper than buying at the door. If my math is correct, that means instead of paying $15, you can pay $10. Either way, it comes with a toast, which I'm assuming is at midnight. If that's the case, that means Spell singer Josh Brown will be leading us in the festivities. Trust me. That's worth $10 alone. Click here if pre-sale is your thing.


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