Former Korn Drummer To Plead Not Guilty In DUI Case

Former Korn Drummer To Plead Not Guilty In DUI Case

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We all know it's not safe to drive under the influence. Whether that means getting behind the wheel after you've had some drinks, taken a toke or two, or whatever, it's just not a good idea. Just ask former Korn drummer David Silveria.

At the end of March, Silveria was arrest by cops in Huntington Beach for a DUI after rear-ending another car. However, the drummer says he wasn't intoxicated when he was arrested; instead, he was drowsy from the effects of a sleeping pill he took the night before. This was after he rear-ended another car on the way to grab breakfast.

The drummer pled not guilty to the charges and called it an honest mistake. The pretrial date will be in September.  Whatever the outcome of the case may be, let this be a lesson to you all to not get behind the wheel because even a legit mistake can get you into hot water.

Earlier this year, Silveria announced he'd ended his 5-year hiatus from the music industry to join alt-tastic L.A. rock band INFINIKA, which--as this video illustrates--might've been a bigger mistake than getting popped for drunk driving. Check out that guitar player though!

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