For Your Special Someone: Our Sexiest Valentine's Mixtape

For Your Special Someone: Our Sexiest Valentine's Mixtape

Valentine's Day may be a holiday made up to sell candy and diamonds and greeting cards, but it's still nice to spend it with someone you can actually stand to be around for a whole day. In the end, though, Valentine's Day tends to mean one thing: doin' it. And what's wrong with that? To that end, we've decided to include a super-sexy eight-song mixtape for your V-Day rendezvous. Apologies in advance if you are partner-less, but the songs are still great if you're flying solo.

1. Jeff Buckley: "Everybody Here Wants You"

Why It's Sexy:  One of the most beautiful male voices in rock history sings his most nakedly yearning song.

2. Chris Issak: "Wicked Game"

Why It's Sexy:  Another beautiful voice and some of the most plaintive, reverb-laden guitar sounds you'll ever hear tell a twisted, sexy tale.

3. Led Zeppelin: "Whole Lotta Love"

Why It's Sexy:  The Riff. Also, Robert Plant declares his intention to be "your backdoor man."

4. Al Green:"Call Me (Come Back Home)"

Why It's Sexy:  It's Al Fucking Green.

5. Massive Attack: "Inertia Creeps"

Why It's Sexy:  Those beats. And the lyrics: "Recollect me, darling; raise me to your lips. Two undernourished egos, four rotating hips."

6. Madonna: "Justify My Love"

Why It's Sexy:  Madonna writes and talks about sex all the time, but it's not always particularly sexy (her book sure wasn't). This track is sexy as hell, though, and the video was so explicit it was temporarily banned.

7. D'Angelo: "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"

Why It's Sexy:  D'Angelo whispers and coos his way through a dead-sexy buildup until it erupts into a soul orgasm. Plus, those abs.

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Maps"

Why It's Sexy:  Indie rock rarely is, and the pledge of love in this song is more erotic than any pop-tart pseudo-porn single.


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