Follow the Michael Jackson Memorial Service on Twitter!

Hmm, I just paired the words "memorial service" with the word "Twitter" and an exclamation point. I guess I'm going to hell.

Anyway, if watching the televised coverage of this morning's Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staples Center isn't enough for you (and why would it be? never enough dead MJ news!), your pals at Heard Mentality (that's us!) have it covered through a couple of different angles. Matt Fletcher, keyboard player for OC/LA band Satisfaction will be there, manning his trusty iPhone and providing real-time Twitter updates of noteworthy happenings over at our plucky OC Weekly music Twitter, found handily enough at @OCWeeklyMusic. And hopefully Twitpics of the sure to be, uh, eclectic crowd.

Frequent music section contributor Gabriel San Roman will also be at Staples, and will treat us to a thoughtful recap of the happenings shortly after its conclusion. (Seriously, two dudes we know got tickets? They should start playing some gambling game where picking random numbers could result in a cash prize.) I won't be there (goodness no), but I'll be here watching it all going down and assisting where I can, like Ed Harris in Apollo 13.

So yeah: starting at 10 a.m., be sure to tune in to our tweets. That's @OCWeeklyMusic. Surely, the untimely demise of one of music's greatest artists and global pop culture's most-maligned figures deserves a proper send-off, and we'll be there to catch every fond memory, gleefully contributing to this nation's compassion fatigue in the process. Deal with it.


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