Flipper news

San Francisco punk/art/noise band Flipper has lots of news to share. I'd tell you all about it, but they already did on their myspace page. For those too lazy to leave this site, I'll copy and paste the info.


And for those even lazier, the jist of it is this: Two new records out soon. One is all new, the other is live. They also have a new bass player.


Here's the actual text.

"The new albums are coming out on May 19th. MVD Audio is releasing world wide, except for Australia / New Zealand, where Fuse Music will release a Double CD Package. We have a new studio album we call 'Love' and a live album we're calling 'Fight.' 'Love' is an album of all new songs we wrote and recorded with Krist Novoselic on Bass. 'Fight' is the evil twin to 'Love' and was recorded live in Seattle and Portland. Jack Endino recorded and coproduced both albums.You can hear songs from the new albums streaming now on our playlist.

The long overdue back catalog is out and available in the US/Canada/Australia/Japan. European fans can expect the catalog out in June. We will be releasing more albums later this year. We have found rare and unreleased material in the Flipper vaults. We expect to release 3 or 4 more albums in the late fall. Look for more DVD's in the future as well.

We are going down under in June to tour Australia / New Zealand. We are doing a series of dates at the start and the finish of the Warped Tour this year. September will find us in Europe.

We will be introducing Rachel Thoele on Bass from here on. Krist has decided that touring is not something he wants to do, at this time, so Rachel is taking up arms and joining us in battle on the tour front. Rachel has done time in Frightwig, Mudwomen, and Van Gough's Daughter. "


Flipper is playing the Pomona date of the Warped Tour June 26. I've seen them three times, each with a different lineup. Regardless of who's in the band, Flipper rules. Go see them.


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