Flier of the Week: Way Out and Sadly Unreadable

Flier of the Week: Way Out and Sadly Unreadable

Hey, this is cool. It's cool that they're booking bands at Proof, even if the ones playing here seem like a slightly off-kilter choice for that bar's usual vibe. Fun stuff going on in downtown Santa Ana is always cool. The '60s stoner vibe they're clearly going for is kinda cool.

But, like, the purpose of a flier (click on it to see a bigger version) is to serve as a device of mass communication, and from that standpoint, this flier fails, if only because it's really hard to read. Sure, the band names stand out and are legible, which is a smart move, natch. But pretty much everything else? Not so much. Especially on the right hand of the flier, where I think it says that the music played will include "soul moo." I love soul moo! I mean, sure, you can make it all out if you stare at it long enough (kind of like one of those Magic Eye drawings). And maybe that's the point; people will spend extra time looking at it, and the event will thus sink into their subconsciousness even further. Or something like that.

(Also, it doesn't really specify which Wednesday this is going down, but it's this coming Wednesday, June 10.)

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