Flier of the Week: The Ultimate Warrior Strikes Detroit Bar

The Ultimate Warrior was once one of the WWF's biggest stars, holding titles and even beating orange-tanned icon Hulk Hogan at 1990's Wrestlemania VI in Toronto. Things haven't gone quite so well for the guy since then, having legally changed his name to "Warrior" in 1993, saying that "queering doesn't make the world work" while giving a speech at the University of Connecticut (why the Ultimate Warrior was giving a speech at UConn, who knows) and rockin' this look. Hey, some wrestlers have been through worse.

But apparently his visage still has some drawing power, given this flier for the "Made You Look" DJ night at Detroit Bar this Saturday. Though the flier is meant purely artistically and not an implicit endorsement from the Ultimate Warrior, it still sems like a pretty cool night. It's "Peter's Bday Bash," after all. And a pizza party from 10 to 11! Should be fun, with or without any gorilla press slams.


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