Flier of the Week: The Studiofix at The Airliner 9/22


Maybe it's a little presumptuous on a Monday morning to claim that we've already found the best show flier we're going to see all week. But what the hell? If this titillatingly clever ode to good ol' American rock 'n roll doesn't get you going then maybe you just don't like the music as much as you thought.

That would be a shame, especially considering loud guitars and unshakable attitude are the two main commodities offered by OC/LA band and Locals Only alumnae The Studiofix. In case you missed out on their performance at Semi Sweet's album release party over at Detroit Bar last week, you can always spice up your Tuesday night with an LA road trip to The Airliner.

By now we're sure you've checked out every inch of information involving this show. I like the fact that the band saved a special place for their Long Beach compadres in Brown and Blue. And of course, you've got to give it up to The Summer Twins for adding an extra dash of tongue in cheek humor to this week's early favorite. If only all fliers could look this good.


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