Flier of the Week: The Sequence Tour Kickoff at DiPiazza's

Flier of the Week: The Sequence Tour Kickoff at DiPiazza's

That's a pretty fun one, right? I like it mainly because the guy on the left is dressed as Solid Snake. The rest are all video game characters, too, and there's even more video game fun on their MySpace (Squirtle!). Plus, it promises a party. Who doesn't like parties? Punch bowls, pin the tail on the donkey, magicians, crying, insecurities, social anxiety, etc. Good times!

The event itself looks pretty nifty, too. The Sequence--a band I first heard of through their surprisingly rad "Disturbia" cover, but have even more going for them than that--are going on a big, big US tour (colorfully titled "We put the F.U. in fun tour"--uh, Fordham University?), hitting all over our great state (Bakersfield! Los Banos! Livermore! Vacaville!) along with three cities in Utah (who knew there even were three cities in Utah?), the heartland (Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas), Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, before finally arriving back in the warm, comforting embrace of Orange County July 23 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim.

They'll be kicking off this massive trek at DiPiazza's in Long Beach tonight, along with tourmates The Doppler Effect (from New York! state!) and the Bay area's Hope for A.M. Scarley Grey, We Are Machines, Dean and Katie Faith round out the (sizable) bill. Yeah, they're going against game four of the NBA finals, but a Sequence MySpace bulletin assures that they're "pretty sure the Lakers game will be on." Phew. $10, all ages.

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