Flier of the Week: 'The New Brazilian Night of Orange County'

Are you tired of your old Brazilian nights of Orange County? Of course you are. You're in luck! As this flier implies, there's a new Brazilian night of Orange County, entitled, uh, "The New Brazilian Night of Orange County."

It's a confusing world sometimes, so you have to love how straight-forward this flier is (sorry for the crappy representation, I had to take a cell phone pic of it). Look at how it clearly stipulates the different things you can do there: Have fun. Sing. Dance. Drink. Meet new people. Hmm, yes, those are all things that you can indeed do at a club! We take it for granted sometimes, don't we? It sounds so special when it's all spelled out like that, though.

Also great is how it says at "The Harp Inn" as if that's not really the place and it's winking at you. "It's at 'The Harp Inn,' get it, nudge-nudge?"

In any event, there's definitely a new Brazilian night in Orange County, 10 p.m. Thursdays (hey, that's today!) at The Harp Inn in Costa Mesa. Let me know how it goes.


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