Flier of the Week: Shredfest at Trash Pretty Shop, Jan. 1

Flier of the Week: Shredfest at Trash Pretty Shop, Jan. 1

You just can't go wrong with ​squishy pink lettering and an old, sagacious looking man. In addition to a wonderfully weird flier, it seems that Trash Pretty Shop has a surprisingly awesome show happening on New Year's Day. 

Located in Laguna Beach, this artsy boutique/second hand shop is hosting a whopping eight bands, including Local's Only faves Audacity and AM. In case the store name doesn't clue you in, this small shop-turned-rock venue is an ideal afternoon meeting ground for bands that trade in reckless old school sounds that can get pretty, ah, trashy--in a good way, of course. 

Starting time says noon but it may be pushed back due to the hellacious hangovers that typically follow New Year's Eve--no matter how hard you try not to stay away from that fifth glass of bubbly. 

And we're guessing that the "$2 or Purchase" rule slapped on the corner of the flier means that if you come early and buy something, your purchase will spare you the hefty $2 cover charge at the door. In any event, "Shredfest" should definitely live up to it's name, as bands like 

Charlie and the Moonhearts

 unleash some reverberated chaos that is sure to make you shake and sweat 'till you've sweated out all the booze from the night before and are ready to get loaded again. 

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