Flier of the Week: Pop Noir, the Union Line at Detroit Bar

"If you want something done right, do it yourself." This adage seems to explain why Costa Mesa/LA's Pop Noir so often has such ridiculously cool show fliers; the band's brothers Luke and Joe McGarry, other than fronting one of our area's most fun (and stylish!) acts, are both accomplished illustrators. (Check out their site for some samples.) And unlike many other Flier of the Weeks, where we're really making fun of the flier and/or the event (shhh!) this one looks good all around, especially the unique combo of Pop Noir's new wave-ish flair and San Juan Capistrano's the Union Line (don't forget this story I wrote about them not long ago) rhythmic take on classic rock.

The Union Line just wrapped up a successful residency at the Gypsy Lounge, but apparently are still in the habit of playing on Thursdays. Pop Noir has been on a bit of a roll lately as well, opening up for national acts like Doves and Iglu & Hartly. They've got a gig coming up July 18 in SF, for which they've devised a possibly even cooler flier (click on it! look at how cool it is!). This show is tonight, $6, starting at 9--but the flier already told you that, huh?


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