Flier of the Week: Move It or Lose It at Alex's Bar, April 10

Flier of the Week: Move It or Lose It at Alex's Bar, April 10

For those of you who've always wanted  to know what Colombian vallenato music, slick indie rock, tender-hearted folk and a some super-eclectic turntablism would sound like in the same room together, consider your wish granted. 

This weekend, Long Beach music promoter Platypus Beats presents Move It or Lose It, a genre-hopping showcase featuring one of LA's most bad-ass Latin bands, 

Very Be Careful

. The show is at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover.

 For those who may have missed out on VBC's 12-year legacy of raucous, unpredictable live shows (words fail to describe just how insane their shows can get), the group specialized in a mix of traditional vallenato music from coastal Colombia combined with a beer-swilling backyard party, making their shows ideal for Alex's Bar--a punk rock palace that looks like it doubles as a shrine to the Day of the Dead. 

But the great thing about Move It... ? The styles actually are gonna move around quite a bit. You'll also be graced by the tripped-out garage punk of LA's La Ghost, as well as the  icy, ultra-hip indie vibes of Italian Japanese. And don't forget our LB faves Eugene and the 1914, who'll be opening the night with some artful layers of folk and soft-spoken soul. If that's not enough for you, they've also got a stacked DJ roster including Lithuanian Prince, Weston Show and Weekly contributor Chris Ziegler.


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