Flier of the Week: Hanky Panky at Que Sera, Jun. 19

Flier of the Week: Hanky Panky at Que Sera, Jun. 19

The weekend is almost here and you'd be lying to yourself if you denied having hanky panky on the brain. It's only natural. Sex and weekends go together like bands and babes. Which is why Que Sera's rock-a-billy and burlesque-inspired Hanky Panky night does it's damnedest bring both to you in the most arousing way possible. And there's spanking involved!

This Long Beach showcase offers live bands and burlesque every third Saturday. This week, Riverside rock rock-a-billy band Ready For Vegas saunters in with a stock pile of swingin' old school style and aggressive, new school punk. They're joined by LA/OC greaser band the the 454's.

And of course, what would be the point of putting a half-naked burlesque dancer on a flier if you don't have actual half-naked dancers on tap? For that, we look to the talents of Hanky Panky burlesque artists Little Miss Vicious (self-described as the "Original Zombie Pin-up") and Miss La Diva. Oh, and did we mention that the Long Beach Roller Derby is setting up their own spanking booth?! We don't have all the details on that but we're pretty sure it involves the three P's: pleasure, pain and public humiliation. Sounds like fun!

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