Flier of the Week: Gestapo Khazi at Five Star Bar

Long Beach natives Gestapo Khazi are halfway through their month-long residency at Five Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles. With a slew of EPs and seven inches under their belts, the guys recently released their first full-length album, The Jewel of the Land. The flier for their show makes them seem scarier than they really are, because in truth, as they've told the Weekly before, "We just try to connect with people and fuck shit up."

The foursome produces fast frantic punk rock with a touch of surf. Their music has often been compared to be a hybrid of The Wipers and Dick Dale.

Gestapo Khazi will play again this Friday along with other locals, The Grand Elegance, The Vivids, Cigarette Bums and Mania. 


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