Flier of the Week: DJ Night, Miami Vice-Style

The 2006 Miami Vice film was probably one of the least remarkable movies ever made. I don't think I know anyone that even saw it, and I certainly never had a conversation with anyone about the thing. It was a summer action movie, had a marquee director (Michael Mann), big stars (Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell) and was a remake of a popular TV show, but still, nothing. It's not like it was a huge bomb or infamously poorly reviewed, it just kind of came out and everyone forgot about it instantly. Weird.

But apparently whoever designed the flier for "Made You Look" Saturday night at Detroit Bar hasn't forgotten the Miami Vice franchise completely, given the Crocket and Tubbs motif on display. Definitely makes for a swell flier, down to the show-accurate retro font. Pink and blue = so rad. It's $10, doors open at 10.


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