Five Ways Nintendo Can Avoid Screwing Up the 3DS

The recent announcement of Nintendo's newest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, has set the internet on fire. However, Nintendo hasn't released a single ounce of information about its next system other than the fact that it'll use 3D without the use of special glasses.

Although little is known about the Nintendo 3DS, nothing has stopped the world from predicting what the the new handheld will have to offer. What will it look like? How much will it cost? How will the 3D look? Will it ruin my eyesight? The more questions that are asked about the system, the more hype that will surround it.

With such a large amount of hype surrounding the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has a large opportunity for success. Conversely, it also has a lot of room to disappoint and fail to meet expectations.

How can Nintendo avoid a potentially huge disappointment with the upcoming release of their next popular handheld? Here are ten ways they can avoid screwing up the 3DS.

1. Don't Make the 3D Just Another Gimmick

The above video looks good, huh? Too bad it's


the Nintendo 3DS. This is what the 3DS could potentially look like. With so much hype building up about how good the 3DS will look, Nintendo must make the 3D technology look as good, if not


than videos like these that have been circulating the internet.

Nintendo is known for taking huge risks when attempting to innovate a new form of technology. By pushing motion control on the Wii and touch control onto the DS, the company has encouraged game designers to come up with fresh ideas for game design.

However, 3-dimensional gaming will not change the way a game is played, it's only going to change the way the game will look. Unless Nintendo can come up with a new play mechanic for their 3D games, we'll have nothing more than the same exact games over and over again, but with 3D. Whoopie.

2. Better Games & Apps in the Nintendo Online Shop Channel

Five Ways Nintendo Can Avoid Screwing Up the 3DS

Games in the Nintendo DSi Shop Channel are absolutely horrible. Seriously, why the hell would anyone want to pay $2 for a clock application when there's a clock that comes built-in with the system?

Nintendo has such a vast history of great games. Why aren't any of them on the current DSi online store? There are hundreds of classic Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games that Nintendo can simply resell as a downloadable title. Virtual Console titles purchased on the Wii should be able to be transferred onto the 3DS as well, allowing portable gaming for all of their classic NES, SNES, and other systems.

Games should be fully downloadable on the online store as well. Carrying around a separate pouch to hold all of your Nintendo DS cartridges is not a pretty sight.

3. Create a Universal Nintendo Account

Five Ways Nintendo Can Avoid Screwing Up the 3DS

You know all of those downloadable games that you bought on your Wii? If you break or lose your Wii, you'll never see those games again. The same thing applies to the Nintendo DSi. That's right, if you plan on "upgrading" to the Nintendo NDS, you'll have to buy all of your online purchases all over again. Bullshit.

This is a perfect example of why Nintendo is lazy and doesn't care about their fans. They do not have a proper system in which customers are able to transfer games purchased on one system to another. Why would anyone buy a new system and start from scratch, when their older system is loaded with games?

4. Dual Analog Sticks!

Five Ways Nintendo Can Avoid Screwing Up the 3DS

It's 2010, come on Nintendo! Don't make the same mistake Sony has been making with the PSP. If the 3DS is truly a 3D system, there needs to be two analog sticks.

5. Make the Nintendo Online Shop Channel Seamless

Five Ways Nintendo Can Avoid Screwing Up the 3DS

Not only are the current DSi application and games crappy, but the process in order to view the crap that they sell is horrible, too. Each time a player logs into the Wii Shop Channel of the DSi Ware Online store, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute in order to load the store menu. A difficult and cumbersome shopping experience does not encourage potential shoppers from buying more games. The Nintendo Online Store needs to load immediately when selected, and their games/apps must be categorized in a more aesthetically pleasing and organized way.

The process of adding currency/funds into the current online store is a pain in the ass, as well. To do this, you'd need to buy a scratch card and manually enter the code to add funds each time. Why is there no option to sync your credit card and pay for each individual item? Money that customers can't see is money that's easier to spend.

The Nintendo 3DS isn't scheduled to be released until at least March 2011, so Nintendo has plenty of time to make their next system meet the high expectations that everyone already has for the system. Get working, Nintendo.


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