Five Things You Didn't Know About Lil Jon

Five Things You Didn't Know About Lil Jon

Take some "shots, shots, shots, shots" and get crunk with Lil Jon this Sunday at Sutra, when the DJ representing Atlanta makes an appearance. Lil Jon paved his way to fame with hip-hop group, The Eastside Boyz and the song "Get Low" (which became so popular even Sandra Bullock paid a tribute to the Boyz with her amazing dance skills in her movie The Proposal).

Since then, Lil Jon has embarked on a solo career with his album Crunk Rock last year, all the while keeping busy by starring in reality television shows like Celebrity Apprentice and collaborating with metal artists like Jonathan Davis from Korn. While there's a lot of bloggage about the man born John Mortimer Smith, here's a list of other factoids you may not know about Lil Jon.

1.) He doesn't just get crunk all the time! He's a giver, too. Lil Jon starred in "The Celebrity Apprentice" and raised about $80,000 for foster children with financial struggles. He donated it to his charity of choice, the United Methodist Children's Home. May 24, 2011 also became known as Lil Jon day because of it.

2.) His acting skills are pretty sweet. Lil Jon starred in Korn's music video, "Twisted Transistor" alongside Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, and David Banner who rock hard on the guitar while pretending to be Korn.

3.) He's a hockey kind of guy.  Kind of. Even though Lil Jon loves watching hockey, he told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that he isn't putting any money down on the Thrashers.


4.) Porno for Pyros: According to, Lil Jon would be releasing his adult film, Club Lil Jon April this year via Vivid Video. It hasn't happened yet.


5.) Lil Jon and the IRS The King of Crunk supposedly owed $600,000+ to the IRS earlier this year. Maybe all that money went to his stellar teeth and stunna shades?


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