Five Things an EDM Diva Learned at Burning Man

Burning Man
Burning Man

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Burning Man is an annual event and temporary community based on radical self-expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Having conquered every other major music and arts festival in the US from Ultra Music Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to Electric Daisy Carnival it seemed only natural that I was ready to embark on the journey to take on the 26th Annual Burning Man pilgrimage. On top of being a community of over 60,000 music and art aficionados it is a spiritual refuge where burners gather to reflect on their lives and mourn the loss of loved ones or other obstacles with the burning of the man (a giant wooden effigy in the shape of a man) and then the temple so beautiful it rivals many churches.

Burning Man takes place on a dry lake bed, a vast flat expanse of alkali salt called the playa. Two girl friends and I made the nine-hour drive to meet our three guy friends who drove an RV all the way down from Vancouver and another close girl friend who flew into Reno, Nevada. All sharing journeys of overheated cars and electrical problems on planes, I wish someone would have told us the journey to the playa would take an entire day. But we were finally together, brought some bad-ass army and Indian tribe outfits and stocked way too much vodka and beer with not enough tequila and Four Lokos. Living on an RV in Black Rock City made us the closest hippie family and taught us plenty of valuable life-changing lessons.

Burning Man Gate Greeter
Burning Man Gate Greeter

As we approached Black Rock City I was petrified. Being dirty for days, running out of water or food and having to unplug myself from my beloved iPhone were all on my mind. The greeters were ecstatic to find an RV filled with seven playa virgins as they made us roll in the dirt and ring a bell proclaiming our freedom. One of them needed a ride to his camp so he jumped on and guided us through the darkness. They forgot to give us maps and schedules amidst all of the excitement so we relied on a man singing dirty songs about his schlong to lead us to our camp. That's when we realized there were no plans or schedules at the playa and we had to trust in the people. We soon learned to conquer our playa fears no longer being afraid of the unknown and a little bit of playa dust or being apart from our cell phones seemed like nothing compared to all the great things we experienced.

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