Five Songs That Should Be On "The Human Centipede" Soundtrack

Five Songs That Should Be On "The Human Centipede" Soundtrack
I just went and saw Tom Six's 90-minutes of insanity known as The Human Centipede.

First, the synopsis: This movie is about a deranged German doctor who is obsessed with creating a "human centipede" by connecting the gastrointestinal tracts of numerous people together (to be read: connecting one person's mouth to another person's butthole... and repeat) to form one long... well, centipede. Using two American tourists and a Japanese guy who shows up out of nowhere, the German doctor finally achieves his lifelong dream!

Next, the review: If the above scenario sounds awesome to you, you'll love it! If it does not sound awesome to you, you'll hate it!

The movie is almost entirely devoid of music (not really an integral aspect when your movie relies heavily on having people's heads buried in other people's asses), so I thought I'd come up with my own little soundtrack of five songs that would have been appropriate.

ZZ Top, "Legs"

Pharcyde, "Oh Shit!"

The Who, "Boris the Spider"

Buckner & Garcia's "Ode to a Centipede"

Ween, "Poopship Destroyer"

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