Presumably, Joseph Gordon-Levitt listens to good music
Presumably, Joseph Gordon-Levitt listens to good music

Five Songs Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pulled Off Really Well

So Joseph Gordon-Levitt--child actor-turned-unlikely-leading-man---is starring with Seth Rogen in cancer comedy 50/50 and will be on the big screen again with next year's The Dark Knight Rises.

But not many people know that Levitt has artsy cred--he owns hitRECord, a production company that works on new media from artists all over the world. As he told LA Times in a recent interview, "The idea was to put these projects up online on our website,, and anybody can come and contribute to them. We call it an open collaborative production company. I direct things and curate things and we end up making short films, music, and art and writing."

The company is having its gala show called the Fall Formal in October, which is a culmination of everything they've done so far: an anthology release with a DVD of our short films, a CD of rock music and a book of our art. There'll be  live performance and a short film screening, "but there's going to be a lot of collaborative art-making. The audience is not just there to watch."  

If you do go, keep your eyes peeled; Gordon-Levitt has acted as an MC for hitRECord events, but he just might bust out a guitar and perform a few ditties for you. His best songs, after the jump.

"Lithium" (A Nirvana cover)

Here's a great video of a hitRECord gig from the Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington.

Part 1

Part 2

A Serge Gainsbourg Song, ENTIRELY IN FRENCH

This just happened at the Hollywood Bowl over the weekend, and yes, it is pretty dreamy that he is singing in fluent French, as he studied French poetry in Columbia University.

"Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga cover)
As in this Madonna cover of "Express Yourself" Gordon-Levitt proves he is fearless; he has the balls to perform really catchy pop songs by unforgettable female artists.

Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan cover)

Remember this? Gordon-Levitt borrows a guitar from a street performer and sings Dylan on the streets of New York on the morning of President Obama's victory. (It certainly emotional, and it still raises back-neck hairs when you remember how hopeful and optimistic we all were  in 2008.)

La Bamba/Twist and Shout medley

Gordon-Levitt shows his versatility by using this C-F-G-C chord pattern for not just one, but two songs! Apparently while filming the indie


he just busted out the guitar for his castmates.

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