Five Reasons Skrillex Should Have Won Best New Artist at the Grammys

Five Reasons Skrillex Should Have Won Best New Artist at the Grammys

On Sunday, Skrillex won three Grammys: Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica Album and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. So why didn't he win the Grammy for Best New Artist?

We all know Sonny John Moore is the one of the most hardworking people in the industry, but it doesn't mean his music is the best--but it can't be denied that his name and marketability is a huge reason EDM is now considered a legitimate genre in America. And if he had won Best New Artist, it would've meant that EDM has gained respect from the Recording Academy. We like this.

And even though Bon Iver (who was, admittedly, Skrillex's main competition) won the award, we give you four reasons why Skrillex should've won Best New Artist.

5. He was Grammy's Poster Boy in LA

The Grammy billboards on the streets of LA had Skrillex all over them. He's the first dance artist to be nominated for "Best New Artist," and he's already on a billboard?

4. He's Done Numerous High-Profile Collaborations

Skrillex collaborated with surviving members of The Doors in the song "Breakn' A Sweat," but he's also worked with Korn, Orgy, Ellie Goulding and Sirah. Skrillex has also remixed songs from La Roux, Lady Gaga and Benny Benassi.

3.  He's Sold Out Seven Consecutive LA Headlining Dates.

Credit must be given to a DJ who dedicates the time to perform every night for their home crowd and sells out the shows in hours.

2. He's the Most Commercial Name in EDM

His music has been on countless TV commercials and has heavy play on KROQ and Power 106. MTV is now covering a DJ that is not named Deadmau5 or David Guetta. NewsWeek shot a mini documentary on the guy and released in this week.

1. He's Not Just a DJ, He's a Talented Musician

His music can be called pure noise, but one must look at his producing talent. Sonny makes catchy upbeat melodies, and tuns them into his own chaotic experience. He makes his own string arrangements and sings on his tracks.

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