Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

So now that Conan O'Brien has decided he will not do the Tonight Show if it means following Jay Leno, we're sort of, kind of, well, livid, that NBC is seriously jeopardizing our nightly dosage of Conan. After almost a week of speculation, it's clear that the network--which has  history of not-so-hot programming decisions--is giving Leno preferential treatment, even if it means potentially losing Conan all together. Here's our list of top five other programs NBC has fucked up on. And seriously: Team Conesy.

1. Southland

Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

So Southland was renewed for its second season in May 2009, as it saw above average ratings in its premiere season. Then NBC changed its time slot from 10 p.m. to 9 p.m. Then--suddenly--NBC moved its premiere date to almost a month later, slated for a October 23, 2009 air date. Then on October 8, 2009, NBC announced the cancellation of Southland. Then fans freaked out, grew vocal, started petitions, blogs, websites in protest. The good news? TNT picked up where NBC dropped the ball, purchasing the rights to both the first and second seasons to the series.

2. Friday Night Lights

Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

So that vast expanse of land in between California and New York? That's the majority of America: Middle America, you know. Friday Night Lights is a dramatized version of life and issues facing Middle America, all centered around Texas high school football (which equals LIFE). Then the positive reviews came rolling in for the series, showing up on many critics' top ten lists. The show originally premiered in Fall 2006 and a 13 episode season went by before NBC renewed the series for 22 more episodes. But thanks to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, only 15 episodes managed to air before production was halted. And instead of reinstating Friday Night Lights? NBC decided to renew the series with DirecTV for a 13 episode-long third season. Its fourth season also aired on DirecTV, and NBC has ordered two more seasons--on DirecTV. A Peabody, an Emmy and a Television Critics Association Award later, Friday Night Lights has yet to gain a significant amount of audience members proooobably due in part to numerous time slot changes.

3. American Dreams

Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

American Dreams debuted in September 2002 to critical acclaim and tons of favorable press--but NBC decided to change the show's time slot from Sunday night at 8 p.m. to Wednesday night, a move that may be potentially lethal for shows that are not yet television juggernauts. This time change put American Dreams up against some major contenders: Survivor: Palau (CBS) and LOST (ABC). And although NBC ordered two endings shot for American Dreams, the series' epilogue never even aired.

4. Saturday Night Live
Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

 Because this shit should have been canceled long, long ago. Probably around when Lorne Michaels left the show the first time around--or right after Eddie Murphy left. Though we realize the legacy of SNL would never allow for its cancellation (imagine the heads on sticks, flaming torches surrounding 30 Rock), we'd also would prefer if the legacy of the show was just preserved... without the help of Seth Meyers. (But then again, a nation would have been denied the "Dick in the Box" video.)

5. Hiring Carson Daly

Five Other Shows NBC Fucked Up On

Because we've never experienced such second-hand embarrassment during a monologue.

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