Five of the Biggest Thrice Fans We Know

Five of the Biggest Thrice Fans We Know

Back in September we held a contest asking Thrice fans to tell us why they considered themselves the band's biggest fans. After reading a liberal amount of submissions about the glorious experiences of fandom, we can safely deduce that Thrice fans take pride in their emotional connection to the band and take their role as Thrice supporters very seriously.

From their debut album Identity Crisis to the most recent Major/Minor, the Orange County natives have accumulated a kingdom of die-hard fans from all around the world that agree on one thing: Thrice's music changes lives. Here are a few of the most uplifting, funny, romantic and Thrice obsessed excerpts written by contestants explaining why they are the ultimate Thrice super fan. 

5) "Fangirl" Kimberly Gomez: "I remember meeting Dustin for the first time. I was so nervous and was super shy. I asked him for a hug, and like a fangirl blurted out 'You're Beautiful!' He kind of laughed and I felt like a moron." 

4) "Thrice the Savior" fan Lidia Zamarripa: "Although I had people saying that trying to pursue music was foolish, it was Thrice's lyric 'Let's lead, not follow' that drove me to follow my passion. Thrice's music means the world to me and has done more for me than any other band I listen to. Thrice saved me from myself during a serious phase of self destruction, and has shaped who I am today."
Five of the Biggest Thrice Fans We Know

3) "Tears of Love" fan Isaac Brinker: "One time I was driving home blasting the album Vheissu in my car, and I broke down crying towards the end of 'Like Moths To Flame.' Thrice is by far my favorite band, and I'm totally in love with their music."

2) "Thrice Is a Way of Life" fan Luz Enriquez: "Everything about me is influenced by Thrice. I even have their symbol tattooed on my left wrist, because that is the side closest to my heart. I have seen them 50+ times, I've collected autographed set lists, drumsticks, autographed posters, shirts, identification cards, and even had Dustin leave my voicemail message on my cell phone."
Five of the Biggest Thrice Fans We Know

1) "Thrice's Cutest Couple" fans Chris Tomkinson and Jordan Leigh Griffin: "Some of the best times I've had driving are around with Chris and listening to nothing but Vheissu for a long time. My first Thrice concert was one of the greatest concerts of my life. I remember during the 50 mile drive to Salt Lake City, Chris looked over at me and said, 'This is going to change the way you feel about concerts, but it comes with a down side. Even though seeing Thrice in concert is one of the greatest things you can spend money on - every other concert you go to will suck simply because it is not Thrice.' I laughed at him when he said that, but he was speaking out of experience."


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