Five Interesting Songs With 'California' In The Title
Nate Chacon

Five Interesting Songs With 'California' In The Title

Did you know that this month is the 161st anniversary of California's admission as the 31st state in the Union? I didn't think so.

Sure, the Golden State is notorious for fiscal calamity, traffic jams and a plethora of sub-par reality stars, but you have to admit it's still an inspiration for songwriters worldwide. In honor of the state of California's entry into the United States here are five great songs with California in the title.

Dead Kennedys - "California Uber Alles"

This Dead Kennedys ditty is about our current governor, Jerry Brown, who happened to be the governor when this San Francisco outfit released this single in 1979. The song depicts Brown--whose "aura smiles and never frowns"--as a Nazi-like President of the United States who forces kids to "meditate in school" and threatens the people with "organic gas." Happy times indeed. No word about a "California Uber Alles 2011."

Marlena Shaw - "California Soul"

With its orchestral introduction and Shaw's soulful voice, this version of the R&B classic from 1969 is "really such a groove" to listen.

Phantom Planet - "California"

The piano melody of this song harkens back to the days when Orange County was emerging as a center for television shows depicting super rich Yes, it's a guilty pleasure and admit it that whether you liked

The OC

or not, you've probably hummed the tune a few times back in the early 2000s.

2Pac - "California Love"

If you've ever introduced yourself as a Californian when traveling abroad, chances are many will have an itch to blast this party favorite by the late 2Pac featuring . With 26 million views on YouTube, people still have love for this funy tune and this dystopian music video.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Californication"

OK, it doesn't explicitly have California in the title, but no list would be complete without the addition of this piece from the album of the same name. This dark tale of the underbelly that is Hollywood probably resonated well with the creators of the TV show also called "Californication."


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