Five Hilarious Video Game-Related Crimes of 2009

Five Hilarious Video Game-Related Crimes of 2009

According to the Suburban Chicago News, a woman arrives at her home one afternoon to discover a burglar playing her Nintendo DS. The 22-year old Chicago resident reported to the police that she was only away from her house for about a half hour before she witnessed the crime. When she returned and opened the door to her apartment, she witnessed the burglar sitting down, playing her Nintendo DS. Immediately, the burglar abandoned the hand-held system and fled the scene. According to the police, her bedroom was ransacked and her pink iPod touch was stolen. Strangely, however, the burglar left the Nintendo DS behind.

What kind of the game would be so interesting that it would cause a burglar to stop his home invasion and play it?

4. Burglar Breaks into Gamestop, But Can't Break Out!

Five Hilarious Video Game-Related Crimes of 2009

This guy's a real genius. In this story by WPXI Pittsburgh, a burglar broke into a Gamestop in East Liberty, Pennsylvania. Despite the high level of security, he managed to enter into the video game retailer after closing hours without much difficulty. However, getting out is a whole other story.

Gamestop is locked up tight during closing hours. The front door, back door and windows are all secured by a variety of locks and shutters. The only way in, the guy concluded, was through the roof. Once he got in, he realized that he was trapped. He couldn't open the locked doors and windows. Talk about a lack of forethought!

3. Detectives Play Wii Bowling During Undercover Drug Raid

Five Hilarious Video Game-Related Crimes of 2009

Polk County undercover drug investigators stormed the house of a Florida drug dealer last March. As they searched the home for drugs, a few members of the task force found something else to keep them busy: During the 20-minute raid, members of the drug investigator team found a Wii console and began playing Wii Bowling to pass the time.

According to reports, one of the detectives in charge of cataloging evidence repeatedly put down her work and picked up the Wii remote to bowl. When she hit two strikes in a row, she raised her arms above her head, kicking and screaming.

Little did they know, however, that all of their "work" was being monitored by a hidden surveillance camera. I'll bet the criminal defense team is also kicking and screaming for joy after watching that video.

2. Capcom's Resident Evil 5 Promotion Results in Missing Limbs

To promote the release of

Resident Evil 5

in the UK, publisher Capcom came up with a brilliant plan. They scattered life-like severed limbs around Westminster Bridge and fans of the series were sent on a scavenger hunt to locate them. If they managed to locate a severed limb, they would have to hold it up into the air and shout "KIJUJU!" Sounds fun, right? The problem is, many of the limbs were

discovered missing even before the promotion started

, possibly by regular people just passing by.

To make things worse, Capcom used uncooked chicken liver for the gore effects of each limb, creating a potential health hazard to anyone it came into contact with. Capcom issued a public statement about the catastrophe:

"The body parts are very realistic and we don't want people to be alarmed by them, they've all been taken from their original positions, but we now have no idea where they are. If you have them, please either return them, or dispose of them in a responsible and careful manner. In addition, chicken livers were used for added gore, and, uncooked, they can be dangerous."

If it makes any difference, the winner of the contest was 26-year old Steve Long. What did he win? Hopefully not salmonella.

1. Prisoner Breaks Out of Jail Metal Gear Style--In a Cardboard Box

Five Hilarious Video Game-Related Crimes of 2009

In the Metal Gear Solid series, protagonist Solid Snake often uses a cardboard box in order to sneak past guards. Apparently, this stealthy technique isn't exclusive to the video game world.

Double murder suspect Jean-Pierre Treiber successfully escaped from a high security prison in Auxerre, Burgundy using that exact method. The 45-year old French inmate managed to sneak past guards by hiding in a cardboard box, as reported by The Telegraph, and was loaded into a truck. Somewhere along the way of the 100-mile journey, the sneaky bastard hopped off the truck and was a free man. Impressive, Snake!

Who said video games were a waste of time?


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