Five Dead Rap Artists We Would Love To Hear More From

Pimp C
Pimp C

There are few things in the music business as puzzling as the post-mortem release. Usually, when an artist we love expires, our first reaction is one of excitement to hear more from them. However, looking back at the history of such releases gives us an underwhelming selection of grave-robbing cash-ins and awkward Reanimator-esqe collaborations. Still, with so many hyper-creative and prolifically productive hip-hop artists no longer with us, there's a few whose studios scraps we would love to get our hands on. Here's our choices for five that we would love to hear more from.

Nate Dogg - "Never Leave Me Alone" Deceased 2011

Nate Dogg had one of rap's most memorable voices. A perfect fit for the g-funk era, his unforgettable vocals made for some of the genre's most memorable hooks and quotable guest appearances. With his death coming as a shock to many, we at the Weekly were just as surprised to hear a new album of his titled It's a Wonderful Life will be released in 2013. Given Nate's incredible track record, there's a good chance that Life is going to be a postmortem album worth hearing.

Camu Tao - "U R What U Eat" Deceased 2008

Columbus, Ohio hip-hop heavyweight Camu Tao died in May 2008, leaving behind a legacy of some of the best underground rap singles of the 2000s. Whether his work with crews like MHz, his label-mates at Definitive Jux or his trademark collaborations with fellow deceased Columbus-native DJ Przm, Tao was a cult favorite whose unfinished solo album King of Hearts, eventually released in 2010, showed how ahead of his time he really was. Given the quality of the album, we at the Weekly would love to hear the unused Camu verses and hooks that certainly must exist somewhere in the unreleased underground rap dungeons of the world.

Marlon Brando of Sporty Thievz - "Cheapskate" Deceased: 2001

A staple of BET's "Rap City," Sporty Thievz had been gaining momentum with back-to-back hits in "Cheapskate" and their response record to TLC's "No Scrubs" titled "No Pigeons." Sadly, MC Marlon Brando was killed saving a child from being struck by a car. While his tragic death has overshadowed his group's legacy, it's easy to forget how much fun a lot of their records were. "Cheapskate" has our all time favorite pronunciation of the word "whores" and possibly rap's only shout-out of the ill-fated McDonald's adult menu flagship sandwich, the Arch Deluxe. The group's strong hooks and good vibes make us hopeful that somewhere there's a stack of unreleased Sporty Thievz archives.

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