Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2012

Everyone thinks they're a comic, but in truth, there are a very few that have what it takes to get up there, kill a crowd, and stand beside the greats. Comics come and go, but if they are lucky, they can attain staying power and become legendary. Kind of like Daniel Tosh. (Speaking of, we heard Tosh was looking for a replacement for his hosting gig at Tosh.0!)

We here at OC Weekly have been lucky enough to talk to some impressive comics, but what could 2012 have in store for us in world of comedy? With the new year, it's always good to expand your horizons. With that said, here are five comics to watch out for in 2012!

Friendly Frank: We had a chance to sit down and talk to Frank last August and since then, he's been showing off his comedy skills all over the OC. He's had the chance to perform with Pablo Francisco, Edwin San Juan, and Charlie Murphy (to name a few) and his talent has provided him the opportunity to open shows for Aziz Ansari, Jay Mohr, Jim Breuer, and Adam Corolla!
In 2012 we sense that Frank be doing a lot more than holding down the door at the Irvine Improv and selling his "South Central Irvine" T-shirts. We're pretty positive that Friendly Frank is going big places all while getting big laughs and keeping his afro tight as fuck! On a side note: hopefully also in 2012 Frank will get a website.

Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2012

Virginia Collins: If there is one thing to remember about Virginia Collins, it's that you should never judge a book by its cover. She may look sweet and wholesome, but the girl's got a mouth on her and the ability to bring big laughs with her perfect timing and inflection. Transplanted to LA from Missouri, she's already worked with Doug Benson, Jeff Ross, Craig Robinson and Jeff Garland, keeping true to her goal of making you laugh. Judging from her past work, that is exactly what she is delivering and will continue doing! 2012 is already lining up big things for Virginia with stand-up dates and a webseries called, "Got Vote?" that will be debuting in mid-January!

Andrew Santino: Andrew has cracked-up crowds on heavy weight stages like the Laugh Factory, the Improv, Icehouse, and on Comedy Central. He's got a ton of sketch videos on-line as Duncan Rocks, his impressions and accents are spot-on and seem to come naturally, and his quick wit and improv style comedy will no doubt launch him further into the public eye in 2012. Writer, actor, comic, Andrew Santino does it all and in this coming year (and beyond) we look forward to seeing him do more!

Shannon Hatch: This comic is doing the most to get her material out there! Not just doing stand-up all over, she also does a weekly podcast (you can listen in iTunes) called, "The Worst" where they rip apart pop culture. Passion mixed with funny can get you far and in 2012, we suspect this cheese obsessed comic will be bringing her no holds barred comedy to many more venues delivering laughs a plenty. Her snarky yet clever material continues to please every crowd she comes in contact with so when you see the name Shannon Hatch coming to a venue near you, jump on the chance to see why we put her on this list!

Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2012

Eric Andre: This high energy comic has been doing big things and in 2012, they are certain to be even bigger. He's preformed on Conan, Lopez Tonight, on the hysterical "Awkward Comedy Show" on Comedy Central, and of course right here in our beautiful county. Well versed and highly successful in making people laugh, Eric's talents don't just stop on the stage because he's also made quite a name for himself doing sketch comedy. With a bunch of upcoming projects in 2012, look for Eric Andre's comedic star to shine even brighter this year!

You can get familiar and see upcoming dates for Friendly Frank on his Facebook and you can follow the funny on Twitter @VirginiaCollins (Virginia Collins), @Cheezitslut (Shannon Hatch), @CheetoSantino (Andrew Santino), and @EricAndre (Eric Andre).


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