Daenarys and her dragons from Game of Thrones
Daenarys and her dragons from Game of Thrones

Five Best Contemporary TV Series Intros: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and More!

On Sunday, Mad Men is going to be back on AMC for its fifth season. A week after, our favorite HBO show, Game of Thrones, will begin its second season. In honor of TV intros that stick in our heads and incite a Pavlovian response in us all (seriously, when I hear the Game of Thrones intro I start going excited and anxious and develop a slight British accent), we've chosen the five best intros on TV in recent history.

Game of Thrones
By the end of season one, we could name all the places on this map--and their sigils.


We couldn't decide between

True Blood, Walking Dead



but in the end, the eerie tune, paired with the most mundane tasks of shaving, frying an egg and waking up, made everything Dexter did seem creepier. Thus, winning a place on this list.


Back when it was watchable and the show was set in a Southern California suburb,


' intros were sung by different acts and were pretty fantastic. We couldn't wait to see who would sing the next one at the time.

Mad Men

RJD2's "A Beautiful Mine" made the motion graphics sequence (done with a vintage 1950s/60s theme) to the

Mad Men

intro really memorable.

The Simpsons

Just to be meta, we chose to highlight this specific intro. We've always loved the Simpsons intros, but it takes on a new dimension when Springfield becomes Westeros. Whoo!

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