Five Balloon Boy Jams!

Five Balloon Boy Jams!

Since we know he's OK and all that by this point, this is in good taste, right?

Alan Parsons, "Blown by the Wind"
While not nearly as explicitly balloon-centric as the rest of this list, the lyrics of this 1966 song clearly describe the thrill of hot air balloon travel, as, uh, not experienced by Falcon Heene today in the skies above Colorado.
Relevant lyrics: "We are blown by the wind/ Just like clouds in the sky/ We don't know where we're going/ Don't know why"

Nena, "99 Balloons"
The biggest balloon-related odyssey to sweep the globe in years has to be accompanied by the biggest balloon-related song of all time, right? This song is actually about war or something, but at this point it's just kind of one of those go-to cheesy '80s anthems. (The "Captain Kirk" line makes it hard to take seriously in any context.) The German version is better, yes, but that one had embedding disabled by request. Darn!
Relevant lyrics: Uh, non, really. It really isn't about balloons. Sad.

Owl City, "Hot Air Balloon"
Everyone's favorite currently hot Ben Gibbard-ripoff Adam Young (known professionally as Owl City) seems like some sort of brilliant prognosticator at this point, with this ode to hot air balloons coming out as a single earlier this year. Sure, it's more romantically-minded than the Balloon Boy journey, but seeing as how the kid was in a box the whole time anyway, why not get a little more imaginative with the scenario? (Oh yeah, Owl City is playing the House of Blues in Anaheim on October 22.)
Relevant lyrics: "Let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon/ Leave your jacket behind/ Lean out and touch the treetops over town"

The 5th Dimension, "Up, Up and Away"
The hot air balloon song which all other hot air balloon songs will forever be judged against. Whose thoughts didn't turn towards this 1967 track when watching Wolf Blitzer and company worriedly describe the details of what at that point seemed like a 6-year-old kid floating towards his aerial grave?
Relevant lyrics: "The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon/ It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon"

Fake Eric the Midget, "Fly Me with Balloons"
Regular Howard Stern Show caller Eric the Midget--well, he prefers Eric the Actor--is obsessed with American Idol, and meeting the attractive females that have come from that show. Stern would love to help him, but he's always had one caveat: that Eric ties balloons to his wheelchair, enough that would lift him off the ground. Offensive? Sure.
Relevant lyrics: None of them, really. But come on.


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