First Crop of SXSW Acts Announced, OC/LB Bands Conspicuously Absent

First Crop of SXSW Acts Announced, OC/LB Bands Conspicuously Absent

A certain music festival and conference held annually in the sleepy hamburg of Austin, Texas announced their initial slate of performers this year, and there's not an Orange County or Long Beach band among them. We had several acts in last fall's CMJ Music Marathon, so this is kind of a bummer. Keep in mind, though, that they only announced a little under 140 bands (I counted!) today, and there are plenty more to come--South by Southwest usually hosts about 10 times that.

As usual, it looks to be a mix of established names and hopeful up-and-comers--some of the notables include the long-buzzed about Kid Sister, venerable Scottish rockers Primal Scream, Austin's Explosions in the Sky, perennial indie singer/songwriter fave Ben Kweller, NYC's Crystal Stilts, rap duo/"best of 2008" list fixtures The Knux and Canadian hip-hop artist Buck 65.

This year, SXSW takes place from March 18-22. Full list of thus far-announced bands after the jump.

8Ball & MJG (Memphis, TN)

Akron/Family (Williamsport, PA)

Al Kapone (Memphis, TN)

Alina Simone (Brooklyn, NY)

Amanda Blank (Philadelphia, PA)

Amber Smith (Budapest, HUNGARY)

Angry vs The Bear (Essex, ENGLAND)

Anthony Snape (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)


Arc Angels (Austin, TX)

Asher Roth (Morrisville, PA)

Asobi Seksu (Brooklyn, NY)

Astrid Williamson (Shetland Islands, SCOTLAND)

B.o.B. (Atlanta, GA)

Banda de Turistas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Bar-Kays (Memphis, TN)

Bavu Blakes (Austin, TX)

Ben Kweller (Austin, TX)

Benny Gallagher (West Wickham, ENGLAND)

Black Cherry (London, ENGLAND)

BLACK SKIES (Chapel Hill, NC)

Blaqstarr (Baltimore, MD)

Blue Scholars (Seattle, WA)

Bomba Estereo (Bogota, Columbia)

Brick Bandits (Philadelphia, PA)

Buck 65 (Halifax, NS)

Buraka Som Sistema (Lisbon, Portugal)

Candy Coated Killahz (Toronto, CANADA)

Cashier No.9 (Belfast, IRELAND)

Casiokids (Bergen, NORWAY)

Charles Hamilton (New York, NY)

Choc Quib Town (Bogota, Columbia)


Chris T-T (Brighton, ENGLAND)

Come On Gang! (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND)

Crystal Method (Los Angeles, CA)

Crystal Stilts (New York, NY)

Damero (Berlin, Germany)

Dananananaykroyd (Glasgow, Scotland)

Dave Alvin (Los Angeles, CA)

David Garza (Austin, TX)

Dead Prez (New York, NY)

Dekadens (Bucharest, ROMANIA)

Dirtblonde (Liverpool, ENGLAND)

Division Miniscula (Matamoros, Mexico)

Doctor Krapula (Bogota, Columbia)


Ella (Bristol, ENGLAND)

Empire ISIS (Montreal, CANADA)

Explosions in the Sky (Austin, TX)

Flood of Red (Glasgow, SCOTLAND)

Franki Chan (Los Angeles, CA)

Free Sol (Memphis, TN)

Futumomo Satisfaction (Tokyo, Japan)

Gabi Almedia (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

Gary Clark Jr. (Austin, TX)

Grimy Styles (Austin, TX)

Hacienda (San Antonio, TX)

Hickoids (Austin, TX)

Ida Maria (Stockholm, Sweden)

Insite (Mexicali, Mexico)

Invincible (Detroit, MI)

Jokers of the Scene (Ottawa, ON)

Kap Bambino (Bordeaux, France)

Kid Sister (Chicago, IL)

Killer Mike (Atlanta, GA)

LA Riots (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Fancy Free (Mexico City, Mexico)

Madi Diaz (Nashville, TN)

Manana (Basil, SWITZERLAND)

Mandi Perkins (Los Angeles, CA)

Mexican Institute of Sound (Mexico City, Mexico)

Micachu (London, ENGLAND)

Midnight Youth (Auckland, NEW ZEALAND)

Mika Miko (Los Angeles, CA)

Mike Badger (Liverpool, ENGLAND)

Mistah FAB (Oakland, CA)

Monokino (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)

Moriarty (Montreuil, FRANCE)

Motel (Mexico City, Mexico)

Mundo Livre Sa (Recife, Brazil)

My Crew Be Unruly (Baltimore, MD)

My Federation (Hove, ENGLAND)

Nacho Vegas (Gijon, Spain)

Nacional (Glasgow, SCOTLAND)


Outasight (New York, NY)

P.O.S. (Minneapolis, MN)

Pato Machete (Monterrey, Mexico)

Peter Bjorn & John (Stockholm, Sweden)

Peter Rosenberg (New York, NY)

Port O'Brien (Cambria, CA)

Primal Scream (Glasgow, Scotland)

Reflection Eternal (Ohio/New York)

Rob Quest (Houston, TX)

Sage Francis (Providence, RI)

San Quinn (San Francisco, CA)

Scribe (Christchurch, NZ)

Shad (London, Ontario)

Shawn David McMillen (Austin, TX)

Simplifires (Mexico City, Mexico)

Soulico (Tel Aviv, Israel)

St. Vincent (Dallas, TX)

Suzy & Los Quattro (Barcelona, Spain)

T Bird & The Breaks (Austin, TX)

Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn, NY)

Temposhark (London, ENGLAND)

The Beat Poets (Belfast, IRELAND)

The Carrivick Sisters (Devon, ENGLAND)

The Courteneers (Manchester, UK)

The deBretts (London, ENGLAND)

The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon, CANADA)

the Devil Wears Prada (Dayton, OH)

The Everyday Visuals (Boston, MA)

The Knux (New Orleans, LA)


The Pepper Pots (Girona, Spain)

The Sonics (Seattle, WA)

The Temper Trap (Nth Fitzroy, AUSTRALIA)

thecocknbullkid (London, ENGLAND)

Thee Oh See's (San Francisco, CA)

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb (Pensacola, FL)

Tittsworth (Washington, DC)

Tommy Tee (Oslo, Norway)

Toy Horses (Barry, WALES)

Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg, CANADA)

Virgin Passages (London, ENGLAND)

Volodja Balzalorsky (Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)

WAZ (Los Angeles, CA)

We Have Band (London, ENGLAND)

We Should Be Dead (Limerick, IRELAND)

White Lies (London, ENGLAND)

Whitechapel (Knoxville, TN)

Willem Maker (Turkey Heaven, AL)

Willy Joy (Chicago, IL)

Yarah Bravo (New York, NY)


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