Barely knew ye and all that good stuff.
Barely knew ye and all that good stuff.

Faraway Boys Call It Quits

Dang it. Shortly after they played one of the Weekly's Locally Grown concerts and got a mention in the this week's cover feature about Orange County's music scenes, South-County rockabilly artists the Faraway Boys have decided to hang up their guitars and tasteful hats.

We received this e-mail from the act, which formed in 2005:

Dear Faraway Boys friends, fans, and family, It's with a heavy heart that we have to tell you all that we've decided to leave Faraway Boys and go our separate ways. This is one of the hardest things each of us have ever had to do, but we feel that our hearts are leading us down different paths from Faraway Boys. We can't count how many amazing experiences we've had in this band, but its time for us to move on, and find our next adventure in music and different things. We've loved being in this band, and we can all truthfully say that we're like brothers. We started this band as best friends and ending it as best friends.

We want to thank everyone who's has supported us through out the years. From playing on the street corner in Laguna Beach to playing all over the Southern US and West Coast, you guys have been there for us. Thanks for rocking our shirts, CD's, and stickers and even mustaches! It's really meant a lot to us and all of your support and kindness has allowed us live our dream. This is by no means our last stop in music; but just the beginning. We hope to see all of you again soon in whatever project comes next for each of us. Thank you so much!

Faraway Boys,


They also posted the message on their MySpace. The group's last show will be at DiPiazza's in Long Beach on Oct. 2. They've got a few dates lined up before that, too.


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