Falling Still: 'Orange County is Kind of Mid-Westy'

Falling Still: 'Orange County is Kind of Mid-Westy'

LA trio Falling Still create straightforward rock that evoke '90s grunge. Playing at the Juke Joint in Anaheim tomorrow, we talked to them about upcoming projects, moving from Akron, Ohio and what OC is like to them.

OC Weekly: I know you guys are from Ohio then moved to LA to act--how has it been, doing both music and acting?
Falling Still: There's not a whole lot of acting going on these days. Eric (the guitarist) did some gigs while we were starting out--most notably, a great horror movie called Deadgirl. It's easy to find, and comes highly recommended to the less-sensitive readers. Lately, though, we're all focused on falling still.

Is there a band that you look up to and wish you could have the same career?
The Arctic Monkeys are currently having a career that we are slightly envious of. They're a wonderful young band who has found enormous success out on the fringes of today's "popular" music scene, which is exactly what we would like for ourselves.

What's "Don't Kick the Whiskey"?
Don't Kick the Whiskey
is our soon-to-be-released second album. It's catchy. It's bassy. It's dirty. And it's fun. We encourage people to partake in that fun. We encourage loosening both your inhibitions and your feet. Just don't kick the whiskey in the process, because it's fucking delicious!

What's one thing you always want audiences to know about you?
If you give us access to your ears and eyes, you are guaranteed to be severely entertained. Our live show is loud, sweaty, sexy, and exciting. We are performers, and our only intention is to please you.

Have you played at the Juke Joint before? What can we expect at your show?
We have not played the Juke Joint before. Anyone who is thinking of coming should expect to have a new favorite band by the end of the evening. Also, expect to be drunk. you won't be able to help yourself.

Fill in the blank: Orange County is __________.
Kind of Mid-Westy, in the sense that people appreciate music very much down here. It's always nice to get out of the city every now and then to visit you fine folks!


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