Fadia Mosri Offers Preview of Solo Album Tomorrow Night at NAMM

Fadia Mosri Offers Preview of Solo Album Tomorrow Night at NAMM

It's that time of year again when Anaheim transforms into NAMMaheim. The trade show hosted by the National Association of Music Merchants has already descended upon the city's Convention Center with numerous in-house stage performances and after parties promised in the days to come. For musician Fadia Mosri, it will be a prime opportunity to highlight her upcoming debut solo album when she performs tomorrow night. The former member of Taller Sur and collaborator with Mujeres Cantando is teaming up with Peace Drums & Percussion sponsored artist Homero Chavez for a special concert at the Sheraton Park Hotel Stage.

"I will be performing eight songs from the album," she tells me. "I'm going to open the show with "Esclavo y Amo" and close with it too." Mosri's version on the classic written by Mexican songwriter José Vaca and famously interpreted by Javier Solis will be a distinct take. As a lead single to an album promising to offer a variety of rhythms including everything from Latin to classic rock, alternative to bossa nova, "Esclavo y Amo" perfectly embodies that spirit. Mosri originally imagined rumba flamenca-rock, but the end result was much more layered.

Born in Sonora, Mexico to an ethnic Lebanese background, the musician's song ended up incorporating more elements including reggaeton and an Arabic-influenced intro. "The idea to put a Mediterranean feel with the sitara came from my producer Miguel "Bife" Provenzano," she says describing the whole arrangement as an adventure.

Mosri will also be debuting a music video for the song next week after the NAMM concert. Though the preview trailer above doesn't show scenes from the mini-


storyline, "Esclavo y Amo," with lyrics speaking of nighttime prayers to forget a love that only reawakens at dawn with adoration, centers around the romantic theme of the traditional bolero. "I wanted to do something simple in line with the sentiment of the song," she says. "The idea I had was to have a woman contracted to work as a landscaping coordinator only to fall in love the owner of the house. Later she finds out he's married."

What she decides to do from then? You'll just have to wait for the premiere of the video to find out! In the meantime, the single is available on the singer's website.

Fadia Mosri performs with Homero Chavez at the Sheraton Park Hotel Stage at NAMM. 1855 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim. (714) 750-1811 Fri. 11:30. Free.

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