Expendable Tunes: Five Breathtakingly Epic Action Movie Themes

Expendable Tunes: Five Breathtakingly Epic Action Movie Themes

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This weekend sees the release of The Expendables 2. One of this summer's most anticipated, muscle-flexing, rocket-launching blockbusters, it reunites the action genre's most beloved stars for one more explosive romp. But before they came together for this smorgasbord of badassery, running montages and one-liners, they've all had some pretty epic movie themes in their day. To pump you up on your way to the cineplex, we've assembled a playlist of some of the most memorable themes in the stars' filmographies! So for all your macho montage and wise-cracking needs, here's our list of Expendable Tunes!

Jean Beauvoir - "Feel The Heat" (1986)
From Sylvester Stallone's Cobra

We had a feeling you may have already heard "Eye of the Tiger" by now, and besides, that's a song for boxing. "Feel the Heat," on the other hand, is a song perfect for working the LAPD's "Zombie Squad" and blowing away Neo-Fascists in supermarkets. It's only with a ballad like this that a love like the one Sylvester Stallone shared with Brigitte Nielsen could blossom.

Power Station - "We Fight For Love" (1985)
From Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando

At its core, 1985's Commando is about the love a man has for his daughter, and how he will fight for that love by disemboweling the army that's kidnapped her in the most inventively brutal of ways. Even without former lead-singer Robert Palmer, 80s supergroup Power Station someway, somehow came together for an incredible theme worth fighting for.

John Cafferty - "Hearts on Fire" (1986)
From Dolph Lundgren's Rocky IV

While Rocky IV did boast Sylvester Stallone in the titular role, we all know who the real star of that motion picture is. Dolph Lundgren raised the bar for on-screen evil athletic rivalries, and it would take quite the power ballad to truly capture that triumph. Enter: the extended movie version of John Cafferty's "Hearts on Fire" to remind you all that training was worth it for this moment of glory.

Gen - "Feel the Impact" (1991)
From Jean-Claude Van Damme's Double Impact

Jean-Claude Van Damme has starred alongside himself in another role in no less than five motion pictures, the first of which was 1991's Double Impact. Presumably, it was the catchy "Feel the Impact" that made Van Damme realize what incredible chemistry he had with himself, leading him to do it again four more times.

Alan Silvestri - "The Delta Force" (1986)
From Chuck Norris' The Delta Force

Years before it lead ABC's Indianapolis 500 broadcasts, Alan Silvestri's triumphant theme for Chuck Norris' The Delta Force was the ideal accompaniment for rescuing hostages. The quintessential 80s synths also make it ideal for turning just about any activity into a pulse-pounding thrill ride.

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