Exene Cervenka Wants to Give You Advice; Write Now!
Raven Lorthos

Exene Cervenka Wants to Give You Advice; Write Now!

Exene Cervenka is a writer, visual artist and punk rock pioneer. The OC transplant is the lead singer for X, the Knitters and Original Sinners.

Next month, we're launching her monthly column, "Ask Exene," where you can ask the legendary vocalist for advice--on your love life, politics, your musical career, armageddon, filial relationships and anxiety over 2012.
How did this happen, you ask? Well, last year we talked to Exene in her lovely home in the city of Orange about her then-new album, The Excitement of Maybe. (Read that interview here.) While there, she gave me--then a new mom of three months--excellent advice about motherhood and child-rearing (in truth, it was so real, and exactly what I needed to hear, that I almost wept). After I absorbed all of her wisdom, I told her, "You should do this for a living, you're so good at giving advice." And she replied, "Yeah, I like helping people."

So now, here it is. Ask for advice (or just say hi!) by sending an email to askexene@ocweekly.com. We will not use your real name if you don't want us to. Please note: By sending an email to askexene@ocweekly.com you are giving OC Weekly permission to publish it. Once you submit the letter to us, it will not be possible to take it back.

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