EXCLUSIVE: Lightning in a Bottle's COMPLETE Lineup
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EXCLUSIVE: Lightning in a Bottle's COMPLETE Lineup

Oak Canyon Ranch's Lightning in a Bottle festival, the 10-year-old music and wellness festival that takes place on May 24-28 in Silverado, released their full musical lineup last March. And while the festival is a musical experience quite unlike any other, what really sets it apart are its intangibles like the Lucent Temple of Consciousness.

Built out of recycled and found objects and set on a cliff overlooking the whole fest, the Temple is the perfect place to stretch your body and your mind in new ways. Over the weekend it offers over 300 different experiences in yoga, workshops, speakers and exotic world music. Temple organizer Dream gives her thoughts on what people should know about this experience. (Also, full festival lineup after the jump!)

Dream says, "We are at the dawn of new humanity. We are the bringers of the dawn. Thus we are seeking the valuable information that will move us forward in our journey here on earth. Maybe we want to learn about edible forestry, or permaculture. Maybe it's the cosmos that draw our attention, maybe we seek a deeper connection with beings from other galaxies. Maybe we just want to learn how to make raw chocolate, or beer. Whatever your interest, the Lucent Temple is the perfect place to experience the beyond. So join us at the top of the mountain where the sun shines through the trees, a warm breeze fills the air and the awakening of the body and soul is on the menu."

Full lineup:

World Temple Music

Octopus Nebula
Kalya Scintilla
Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe
Rafe Pearlman & Mahadev
Adham Shaikh
Youssoupha Sidbe
Sheila Govindarajan
Fabian Alsultany
Avari Tantric Sound Journey
Cello Joe
Mortar & Pestle
Fabiano do Nasimento & Kana Shimanuki

Rev Michael Beckwith
Barbara Marx Hubbard
"Becoming a Universal Species"

Mirabai Devi
"Awakening into Divine Love"

Don Tolman
"Whole Food Medicine Cowboy"

Sean David Morton
"Extraterrestrial Contact"

Nicki Scully
"Egyptian Mysticism and Planetary Healing"

Adventurer: Sebastian Copeland
"Antarctica: The Global Warning"

Daniel Pinchbeck
"2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl"

Kute Blackson
"Love Now"

"Channel: Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

"Channel: A collection of higher consciousness Beings"

Dream Rockwell
"Shine Your Light"

Jamie Janover

"Unified Field Theory and Ancient Temples"

Erica Wohldmann
"Healing Ourselves & Our Planet, One Plate at a Time"

Adam Apollo
"Extraterrestrial contact, Interplanetary Politics, and Galactic Relationships"

Charles Shaw
"Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics and Spirituality"

Mitch Schultz
"The Spirit Molecule"

Maryam Henein
"Vanishing of the Bees"

"sympathetic nervous system decoded"

Women in Leadership
"Deep conversation with a panel of women about the challenges and powers of creating in"

Council of Elders
"For the first time at LIB we are excited to announce the Council of Elders. A Q&A forum of wise Elders with much to share about the walk on earth," says Dream.

Joan Stevens "Urban Permaculture"
Gerard Minakawa - "Building with Bamboo"
Amanda Rain "Speaking the Unspeakable"
Jill Ettinger "2012 Did the Mayans Predict a Food Revolution?"
Alexis Neely The Good Lawyer "Step Up & Lead"
Julian Martinez "Microbes, Nutrition, And Edible landscaping"
Mia Maltz "Amazon Mycorenewal Project"
Joan Stevens and Eric Werbalowsky "Decade of Permaculture"
Gemini Fairy "Joyology Living the Inner-Life of Your Dreams"
Krishna Kumara Dasa "Bhagavad Gita in the Modern Age"
Lily Ross and Evan Marc Bartholomew (Bluetech)
Matthew Levitt "Natural Medicine & Healing"
Stardust Magick & Lazer Ray "Damanhur"
John Guettler "The Truth About Sugar"

This year the Temple will also include interactive workshops with over 30 hours of fun including:

Indian Temple Dance
Grow Your Own Spirulina
Make Your Own Beer
Glass Blowing
Creating Your Own Relationship Paradigms: Beyond Polyamory or Monogamy
Dr. DREAM and the Band of Angels
Ecstatic Breath Journey
Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Reuse
Clowning 101
Camping with Basic Solar
Create a Delicious Herbal Tonic
Edible Forest Hike
Music Production & Performance with Ableton Live
Ecstatic Dance
Evolving through Astrology
Erotic Intelligence
Divine Playground 3rd Eye Movement and Sound Activation
Cacao-alchemy Ceremony
Lightning Without a Bottle
Aquarius Dawns: The Shamanic Artist and the Rise of the Wounded Healer

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