Exclusive! Detroit Bar No Longer Serving Draft Beer!

You heard it here first, folks.

Recently--probably at Saturday's show with Clues, the Colourist and Parade of Lights--I noticed that our beloved Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa was no longer serving beer on tap. I thought maybe they were just taken out for the night, or maybe I just didn't notice them, or maybe they were being cleaned or being refreshed or something (is that something that happens? I've never worked at a bar).

Then I noticed it again on Monday at the New Limb/Stacy Clark show, and I decided to ask the bartender on duty. Here is a (rough) transcript of our conversation:

ME: Hey, when did you guys stop serving draft beer?

HIM: A couple of weeks ago.

ME: Oh, why?

HIM: It just took long to pour when it was busy here.

ME: OK, I guess that makes sense.

HIM: Yeah.

ME: Thanks! One Roy Roger, please.

I probably could have cut-off that transcript a little earlier. Anyway, no more on-tap Stella, Pyramid or whatever else they had at Detroit. But they still have plenty of bottled beers, including the new addition of 32-ounce Stellas. That's some serious business right there. They'll be in full-effect tonight during their weekly BusyWork event, as promised by resident DJ Dan Sena on his Twitter.


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