Every Avenue's Dave Strauchman Talks About the Making of 'Tell Me I'm a Wreck'

Every Avenue's Dave Strauchman Talks About the Making of 'Tell Me I'm a Wreck'

singer Dave Strauchman talks to us about the making of the video. Not too shabby, for a band that got its name by "writing a bunch of words on little pieces of paper, putting them in a box, and pulling out two of them."

OC Weekly (Lilledeshan Bose): Who--or what--inspired "Tell me I'm a wreck" film-wise?
Dave Strauchman: We got a lot of great treatments for this video, but we wanted to do something real. The song is a real song that needed a video that was just as genuine. Not just a boy meets girl video blah blah blah. Everyone you see in this video is real. Their story is real--Stephen Penta, the director, actually shot our friends, family and loved ones to tell their story in the video instead of actors, and I think that's what really makes it special. You watch it, and you know it's real. 

Did the band get a lot of input in the making of the video?

Yes, we did, and I think that's why we are so happy with it, and why it came out so great. It's a very personal video for us, and we're really proud of it. 

What's your favorite scene?
I have two favorite scenes. The first is when the girl's eyes get big when she says "and it made me.... CRAZY" haha and them the scene with my grandma where it says "I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye." It's just very touching. I know a lot of people will relate to it. 

Was anything in it biographical?
Everything about this video is! Everything you read relates to the person with the caption. 

When are you guys in town?
I believe we are going to be in Orange County next week doing some writing, but other than we will be playing House Of Blues Anaheim on 11/13 on the Fearless Friends Tour with our buddies Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, Artist Vs Poet and Go Radio. Come and hang with us, it's going to be one big party! 

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