Even More MJ News

I'm really tempted not to type anything about Michael Jackson because I don't want to feel like some scumbag TMZ "reporter," but his passing -- and the word of his public funeral -- is news.

Rumor has it an event is planned for 10 a.m. July 7 (that's Tuesday) at the Staples Center and the adjacent Nokia Theatre. Nothing has been 100 percent confirmed, but sources say there will be video screens outside the venues for the expected mass of people who wouldn't be allowed in.

Here's my advice: If you really feel like you have to go to this, leave right now. That's the only way you're getting in.

Let's hope this funeral is as classy as the Chick Hearn memorial held at the Staples Center after his death. I remember it clearly: I thought there was no way in hell I could have attended. Sure, no one loves the Lakers -- or Chick Hearn -- more than I, but going to the memorial? That seemed crazy. After hours of watching the coverage on television, I packed up my little brother and busted ass to get down there before the line was closed. I won't lie -- I got teary-eyed and for that reason, I won't say a bad word about anyone who chooses to go see Jackson's fairwell.

On a related note, Jermaine Jackson was on NBC's "Today" and told reporters he wished he died, not Michael. Jermaine...sure, you weren't "the king of pop," but you were a large part of the Jackson 5's success. Give yourself a little more credit.  


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