Eric Blair

Photo by Jeanne Rice>The Donnas, The Donnas Turn 21. I just received a prerelease of this album, and it rocks! My favorite track so far is "Do You Want to Hit It?"—that title says it all! The Donnas are one of my favorite interviews, and no one can shake it onstage like lead singer Brett Anderson (a.k.a. Donna A.). They're the female Ramones!

>Noise Noise Noise in Costa Mesa. One of my favorite record stores. My brother Evan and I have known owner Dave Noise for years. His integrity is reflected in the way he runs his business. He doesn't discriminate because of customer appearances, and he has a great selection of rare punk rock videos.

>Ozzy Osbourne, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. Randy Rhodes rules! What an awesome guitar player. And let's not forget Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell with Ronnie James Dio on vocals! In high school, those albums were our bibles!

>VH1's first-edition Rock Stars Encyclopedia. I feed on rock & roll history. I have tons of research material, and this is one of the great Christmas gifts I received this year. This book is awesome—a great reference that covers each rock star's career year by year and highlights the dates of special events in their lives.

>The Decline of Western Civilization. The classic Penelope Spheeris documentary. This film captures the LA punk scene in its infancy, with footage of Black Flag, the Germs and X.

>David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. This tour film includes great behind-the-scenes footage of Bowie putting on his costuming and applying his makeup. Being a makeup artist myself, I really dig it! There are also these great shots of fans with looks of worship on their faces, as if Bowie's their god.

>Coop. The rock artist and illustrator. If you're obsessed with music, you have to know Coop and his rock-poster art, or at least his devil girl stickers. He's done concert posters for the Foo Fighters, Boss Hog and Stone Temple Pilots, to name just a few. I like Coop art because it portrays women as voluptuous sex goddesses. It's really over-the-top.

>Josh Freese, The Notorious One Man Orgy. I have to give props to Josh Freese, whom I recently interviewed for my TV show. You might know him as the drum god who plays for the Vandals and A Perfect Circle. His solo CD, though, is a work of art. The songs are catchy and the musicianship top-notch. Josh plays all the instruments and also has friends from the Wallflowers, the Vandals and Pearl Jam contributing. Check it out—you will not be disappointed!

>No Doubt, the video for "Ex-Girlfriend." I love this video, as well as the one for "New," mostly because Gwen's makeup looks awesome. Gwen rules!


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