Eric Andre Explains Why You Should Definitely Wear a Poncho to His Live Show
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Eric Andre Explains Why You Should Definitely Wear a Poncho to His Live Show

Eric Andre is an energy-fueled funny force to be reckoned with--the kind that smashes desks, shows up to work in a thong and pours milk all over himself. And that's usually just the part of his act you're prepared for if your a fan of the insanity that goes on during "The Eric Andre Show" on Adult Swim. Just to prove that point before he rocks crowds with live tapings of his smash hit show at The Fonda Theatre on July 16th and at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 20th, we thought we'd lay out this Q&A a little differently. Getting the chance to talk to Andre was exciting enough, but when the conversation happened over the phone, it was just too amazing not to give it to you the way it REALLY went down. After this interview, if you're not feeling moved to make the drive north or south down the 5 freeway, well then, you must hate comedy. And since there isn't much more to say after that, ladies and gentlemen, it's The Eric Andre Show!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Hey Eric. It's Ali from OC Weekly. How's it going?

Eric Andre: Hello. Hi, how are you? Leave a message. BEEP!

What the fuck. Seriously?

OC Weekly! Ali! Leave a message. BEEP!

Oh shit, you got me there. My whole face instantly got red. Now I'm flustered. How are you?

I'm good. I'm just a little tired.

I feel ya. I'm all caffeined up but instead of feeling like a wild woman, I could still take a nap.

You are crazy. You're a fucking wild woman! You sound crazy.

Likewise. Leave a message. BEEP!

[Laughs.] Leave a message BEEP! Ohhh mannnn whooooo! [Yawn.]

Hey I'm sorry if I am boring you already.

No, you're not at all. I'm not bored, I'm just tired.

OK good. I want to know about Hannibal Buress as your co-host. He's so uncomfortably funny on the show.

[Laughs.] Thanks. Yeah, we've been friends for like six or seven years. He's a real mellow dude.

I love that you guys are down for anything. Is any line you'd draw in the name of comedy other than like, on-camera humping or something?

Ummm...I don't know. As long as it's funny. Except maybe fucking with animals. I don't want to fuck with animals because, you know. Well, maybe a dog or a bear but not a crocodile. I wouldn't fuck with a crocodile because they are mean. They don't have any compassion. Bears have a lot of heart though.

I understand but being that I've seen pictures of you with your "junk" tucked, maybe fucking a crocodile could help out with a low-cost sex change.

A crocodile will bite my damn dick off girl! Whatcha tryin' to do to me, woman?

I'm just here to help save you some money just in case you wanted to tuck your junk permanently.

I think you are making sense right now. You are making a lot of sense. Leave a message. BEEP! What if this whole time this was an answering machine?

It would be crazy because it'd be a psychic answering machine. Then I'd be like, holy fucking Ms. Cleo!

[Laughs.] Ms. Cleo. Did you know I am campaigning to host the MTV Video Music Awards?

No. Do tell.

Yeah I'm leading a campaign or like, running for host against MTV's wishes. We're going to post some shit on-line about that when it's ready. I'm campaigning to host because I think it seems really easy and they might pay you like, 300 dollars.

Only three hundred? You think?

They pay you like 300 bucks and I said, sign me up!

You are insane. Tell me about the shows you are doing in L.A. and San Diego so you can go take a nap.

On Tuesday July 16th we'll be at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. We're doing the live Eric Andre Show and Hannibal will be there. And then, we're doing the San Diego House of Blues after Comic-Con Saturday July 20th.

Will there be special guests too?

We have MADDDD special top secret guests and kids can buy their tickets at Amoeba Music, Origami Vinyl, or Ticketmaster. And, they're giving away ponchos and shit so you can get an Eric Andre poncho! I'm trying to get everyone out to come to the show.

OK, why do people need ponchos?

Because they're going to get blood and bodily fluids all over them. I'm going to bukkake all over the audience! [Laughs.]

So you'll be destroying the set and scarring the audience for life? I'm sad I'll be out of town for the shows.

No, no, no. We're going to be really polite. We're going to cook a gourmet meal and eat it up with a knife and fork. [Laughs.] I can't believe you're not coming to the show. It's ridiculous.

I know. Maybe you could just reschedule them for me. That'd be great.

Done! Rescheduled! Just for you! It's that easy, girl!

For someone who is sleepy, you sure seem wired right now.

I don't. I'm fucking exhausted. I take my vitamins mannn. My mind is like a machine gun!

Maybe I need to start taking vitamins. The other night I was up really late and I saw an old Comedy.TV with you on it. Kinda weird.

Oh no! That shit should be banned from the airways! They edited it all out of order too! It's like, I had my shoes on for two seconds and then I had them off. I was like, what the fuck is this? Who edited this? [Laughs.] Who ever edited it probably had a million comics to edit and was like, "I'm just going to crank this shit out! This guy's going to have his shoes on and off. Who cares? Next! Chop, chop, chop!"

OK this is what I really want to know, so let's get serious. How do you get celebrities on your show that don't know that you're going to fuck around with them?

They know I'm fucking crazy and they just want to get luscious and delicious with me. They're super into it. They don't give a fuck! They love getting into it because they have to do boring ass talk shows all of the time. So they're like, "Fuck yeah! Let me get some real shit going on with Papa!" [Laughs.]

Well I don't know how but, you just went through all of my questions.

I killed it woman! Best interview ever.

I bet you say that to all the bitches.

[Laughs.] Best interview ever! Yeah, yeah, yeah respect! We killed it!

Get your tickets to The Eric Andre Show Live on July 16th at the Fonda Theatre and on July 20th at the Adult Swim Comic-Con International After Party at HOB San Diego at or at Amoeba Music and Origami Vinyl. For more info and more craziness, check out Eric's website and follow him on Twitter @EricAndre.

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