'Endless Supply' of MJ Music to Be Heard

It may be a bit much to publish yet another piece about Michael Jackson, but word from the Associated Press is that the King of Pop left behind an "endless supply" of unreleased tracks.

Cue the sounds of dollar signs and the gleeful yells of a thousand fans and music execs.  

According to former Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola (you may remember him from his famous spat with Jackson back in 2002 when the latter called him a racist) the material ranges from unreleased tracks from recording sessions for every album Jackson ever made, to new material for his obviously now-defunct comeback project. "There's just some genius and brilliance in there," said Mottola in an interview with AP.

As of now, it is unsure who is entitled to these valuable recordings. Some are owned by Jackson, others owned in partnership with Sony. According to the article, Mottola considers himself the "shepherd and gatekeeper" of Jackson's music. Presumptuous much? 

To be sure, there will be enough material in the vaults to keep music labels and fans happy for years and years to come. But the main question is: do we really want Jackson to be packaged and repackaged year after year like some cheap candy bar? 

A couple of b-sides and unreleased tracks albums, sure. But please don't repackage him into oblivion like Elvis--MJ deserves better.


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