End Of Summer: Payback At Detroit

UPDATE: Photos from Payback are up.

Us Southern Californians sure don’t like to give up our summers. In fact, it took Costa Mesa’s Detroit Bar half way through September before they held Payback, an End Of Summer party.

But our favorite season went out with a bang this year. Technically summer doesn't end until the 23rd, but it might as well be over since everyone's back in school.

The usual boundaries of Detroit spilled out into the parking lot with a huge covered tent for all the smokers and night sky admirers.

Inside, the masses ran back and forth between dueling DJs in two rooms. Long Beach favorites Mashed Potatos played an early set spinning remixes of practically everything you can think of (highlight: Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”).

Them Jean rocked the house as always, pumping the air full of crunk and attitude, keeping in tone with the live set by Sparrow Love Crew, who got the floor quaking with a healthy dose of ghettotech.

Le Receptionist was there to take photos of all the artists, musicians (Hi, Cavil At Rest!) and all around gorgeous people who came to dance and drink and close the place down at 2 a.m.

In those early hours, the sea of drunks and half drunks were ushered out, disrupting the quiet city with their lingering inebriated ardor.

To soak up the booze, most found their way around the corner to Rooster Cafe (open til 3 a.m.), where Le Receptionist found the floor.


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