Emily's Army: Making You Feel Older, One Hit at a Time

Take note: Emily's Army is going to be big. And it's not just because their producer is Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, or because Billie Joe is the father of the band's drummer.

It's because their debut Don't Be a Dick has the same brash, young catchiness early Green Day albums had. They're lyrically tongue in cheek, and the songs are written by brothers  Max Becker on bass and Cole Becker on guitar. Guitarist Travis Neumann  and drummer Joey Armstrong round off the band. Co-songwriters Max and Cole share vocal duties, and their songs are fun--and funny.

Did we mention they're all 15 to 17 years old?

The band's name comes from Max and Cole's 15 year-old cousin Emily, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 1998 and has suffered from the disease her entire life.  In tribute, the band adopted the name Emily's Army, which also happens to be the moniker for a fundraising organization in their cousin's honor.

They're playing in Huntington Beach, CA at the Pier on May 21 for Great Strides, a Cystic Fibrosis Event, and they have a show at DiPiazza's on May 22 in Long Beach.


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