Elton and Billy spend another day in paradise

For swarms of aging pop fans with cash to burn, tonight is a pretty big deal. We are just hours away from the second night of the Face 2 Face tour starring mega stars and all around good pals (indicated by the cute picture to the left) Elton John and Billy Joel. For those of you lucky enough to get a second shot at this sold out tour, you probably don't even care that it's on a Monday night. Besides, who needs to be fully awake and coherent at work on a Tuesday anyway?

But you have to wonder if EJ and BJ knew what they were getting in for when they signed up for an extended stay in the OC. I mean seriously, what could two piano-plunking demigods like these guys possibly do to occupy their time here? Go to D-land? Maybe catch a flick at the Irvine Spectrum? Or how about a little bit of Sunday night karaoke with Lester Trombone at Detroit Bar? Anything's possible. But one thing is definitely for sure: you can't just sell out the Honda Center on Saturday night and just go straight back to the hotel. You know they had to get out and mix it up a little.

Given the far reaching audience of this little blog, I'm sure someone out there must have had a Face 2 Face sighting with these guys at some point over the weekend. Maybe you saw them dining at fancy shmancy brunch at The Ritz Carlton in Dana Point. Or was it a covert afternoon trip to In-and -Out for some animal-style fries?

Anyone with solid knowledge of a EJ or BJ sighting over the weekend please don't hesitate to let us know. And if you're going to the show tonight, don't forget a lighter for the ballads.


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