Election Aftermath: Songs for Stoners, the Tea Party and Losers Everywhere (Plus a Duet by Will Ferrell and Manny Pacquiao!)

If you're as bleary eyed (and dismayed) as I am from watching last night's election results, you're probably not doing a victory dance right now. So long, Prop. 19! (See you in 2012?) So long, Prop. 23! Well hey, at least we're still a blue state, unlike Illinois and Wisconsin--even though the leads were skinny at best for most of the polling.

Here's your soundtrack for election night and it's aftermath, after the jump.

Everyone had high hopes walking into the polls:

Unfortunately, we have to celebrate our new government:

I was gonna vote in Prop. 19 but ...

Prop. 23, you deserved more...

Than the false lead the OC Register gave Fiorina

Don't lose hope! One day, we'll all be united in funk


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