Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

Clipse Reunion

Pusha T has had a big couple of years: signing with Yeezy, a slew of killer guest verses, even earning Grammy nod. But what we'd really like to see in Indio is No Malice take the stage with him and rip through the Clipse catalogue. This may not be totally out of the cards, as Malice himself recently told Billboard a Clipse album is "definitely [in] beginning stages, but Pusha and I have some serious things that we're talking about and coming to agreement on." Let's hope they talk it out soon--we want to hear "Grindin" and "Mr. Me Too" in the desert sun. (Kai Flanders)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella
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Surprise Electronic Reunion 

While the chances of seeing Johnny Marr reunite with Morrissey for The Smiths reunion remain close to zero, one potential reunion would be of Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner of New Order doing a short set of Electronic songs. Although they are scheduled to perform on different days, It wouldn't be far fetched to have Bernard Sumner come out for a song or two during Johnny Marr's set or vice versa. Adding potential fuel to this fire is that Marr will be opening for New Order on all of their US dates which gives them plenty of time to potentially rehearse a few songs. Coincidentally, EMI just announced they will re-release their debut album with a bunch of bonus tracks. It would be a huge surprise if they did and it would be an instant highlight of the whole festival. (Andrew Youssef)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

Ol' Dirty Bastard Hologram

Hey, Dre and Snoop got to resurrect Makaveli, so it's only right that Wu-Tang get their shot to bring back Dirt McGirt. While it might seem tacky to rehash last year's goods, if there's one rapper that should to be returned to us via hologram, it's Ol' Dirty Bastard. As one of the Wu's most visible members, we can't think of a more appropriate venue to allow the snarling, soul crooning MC to come back and make a spectacle of himself. It's been about nine years since the rapper born Russell Tyrone Jones died of a drug overdose in 2004 two days before his 36th birthday. With an unreleased solo album still in the can, the idea of watching the rapper beamed on stage, spouting new material in 2013 would probably cause a few hip-hop heads to explode. And seriously, who doesn't wanna see ODB deliver the immortal lines of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" one last time? (Nate Jackson)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella
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Let Nick Cave Take Over Coachella Twitter Feed
Who wouldn't want a repeat of Nick Cave's now infamous Twitter Q&A where he berated fans in typical Cave fashion?  (Q: "What should I have for dinner?" A: "Your wife.") Coachella should let Cave take over the reigns of their feed on Sunday before his set; we can only imagine what wonderful chaos would ensue:
@coachella: Nick here. You all paid way too much for tickets to this hot mess. #fuckoff

@coachella: Jason Bentley is a douche.

@coachella: If I see one more fedora or camouflage tank-top we're not playing.#ImSerious

@coachella: I honestly just heard someone say that they're "finding themselves here." I'm thinking of poisoning their bong water. (Kai Flanders)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

Watch Someone Realize Their Favorite Headliner Isn't Playing
We love the fake Coachella posters months before the real lineup is even announced. We love it even more when it's almost a week before the show and someone says they can't wait to see David Bowie for the first time. Sorry dude, you're in for a shock; I'm no psychic, but I'm pretty sure Sound City Players, The Smiths and the Rolling Stones are gonna flake, too. We're looking forward to seeing the expression on your face when you realize you've dumped a shit ton of money on tickets and even more on a hotel room without really even knowing who's performing. Sucka. (Ryan Cox)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

Lou Reed Makes a Surprise Return...With 2Chainz
Coachella has always felt like an ideal climate for a surprise one-off collab between two artists that might never work with each other again. In the realm random possibilities, there are a few crazy combinations we could come up with. The craziest among them: Lou Reed and 2Chainz performing a trap style version of Metal Machine Music. Picture it: One of rock's most misunderstood frontmen making a surprise return after his heartbreaking Coachella flakeout to perform with one of hip-hop's most misunderstood rhymeslingers performing one of the most misunderstood albums of all time. Aside from being the most random collaboration of the century, there's no denying that Reed's infamously unlistenable opus could be considerably improved with some 808s, booty clapping and nonsensical rhymes. But most of all, we just wanna be in the audience to hear them scream out their new moniker "Lou Chainz!" (Nate Jackson)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella
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Daft Punk Making a Guest Appearance During Phoenix's Set.

Rumors continue to run rampant that Daft Punk will play Coachella since their new album, Random Access Memories is due in stores soon. The rumors were so hot that an official statement was released saying they would not perform at Coachella. While I assume this means playing their own music, it doesn't preclude them from making a guest appearance. Fellow countrymen Phoenix are closing out the mainstage on Saturday and while they have songs to play an electrifying set, they did bring out Daft Punk at Madison Square Garden a few years ago and the place went nuts. What better way to have everyone talk about your set then a guest appearance by Daft Punk. We'll be watching Phoenix's set with a very close eye. (Andrew Youssef)

Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella
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Fainting at The Faint
It's already a hot sweaty mess when seeing this crazy group in a cushy air-conditioned venue. The fans go nuts, dance-mosh themselves silly and come out looking drenched like they just survived a rainstorm. Change the setting to a triple digit desert atmosphere while the blistering sun beats down on your skin as you dance spastically to the tunes of "Worked Up So Sexual" and "Agenda Suicide" all while completely inebriated. Who needs to stay hydrated when you have beer and you're dressed in black. We're preparing to see a bunch of people faint during The Faint. Yes, that was some pretty stunning word play. (Ryan Cox)

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