Eight Questions with D-Strutters

Long Beach has a lot of bands, but none of them exemplify pure rock 'n' roll as well as D-Strutters. The group--singer/guitarist Joe Roads, guitarist George Velvet, bassist Tony and drummer Heath--leave all pretense behind for a straight-ahead bombastic blast like the Stones would be writing if they weren't 90 years old. 

If you don't know them, now you do, because here's an interview with Roads.

If you can't catch D-Strutters Friday at the Slide Bar, you're in luck because they're also playing Oct. 17 at the House of Blues, Oct. 18 at Alex's Bar and Halloween at Fern's

1. What is a D-Strutter?

A D-Strutter is a Joe Strummer fan who strutts with a chick rackin' DDs.

2. Whenever someone says, "Hey Joe" to you, do you automatically think of Jimi Hendrix?
No, unless they sing it...heard that since I was 5 years old.

3. Your drummer situation is worse than Spinal Tap. Can you tell me a little (or a lot) about that?
Well, since I used to be a drummer, I think I should be patient, but to a fault. Since we formed five years ago, we finally found a great friend to join our family. Stay tuned for our next album. 

4. Tell me about your interest in scooters. Is it difficult to get your gear to gigs on a two-wheeler?
Thanks to my good friends from BA MOTO I've traded in the scooter for a Triumph,still a two wheeler, but I manage just fine. I guess I'm a rocker now, hehe!!

5. You flipped the bird to touring the U.S. and went straight to Europe. Why? Can you give me a good story about your tour overseas?
In the past, I dedicated many years to a couple of local bands as a drummer that never accomplished more than a weekend out of town gig or two. I've always heard about how much fun American bands have when they play overseas and how much the people over there appreciate live music! I wasn't sure if my band D-Strutters would last more than a few years when we started, so I decided that if we were going to to tour, it would have to be in Europe. I figured if things didn't go well once we made it out there, it would be a great experience anyways... a kind of vacation at that.

Our first show in Switzerland didn't have a PA system. I still don't know why. But we ended up playing an instrumental set that turned out to be a blast. The second night in St.Gallen, a professional sound team was hired, but the bummer was that we had to be at the club by 6:30 for sound check. The Europeans love their sounds checks I tell ya!!!. All of our shows were fun, but the one I'll never forget is our first night in Evreux, France. It was a Monday night and it turned out we were the headliners. The place was packed, and when we finally went on, the crowd went wild. One of our connections and now friend, Damon from France, helped us book and promote shows by blasting posters/flyers, including handing out free D-Strutters CDs to all his friends before we came over. After the show, a  guy came up to us in the parking lot, took off his shirt and in his French American accent said, "You guys are so very Rock 'n' Roll, American rock 'n' roll yes, yes, cool blues dude, I trade you my shirt for a D-Strutters shirt. I loved it, rock 'n' roll yes, let's trade!" That was so cool, we ended up giving him a t-shirt and CD.

6. Finish this sentence... D-Strutters are...
Livin, Lovin, and Rock 'n' Rollin!

7. What's the word on your full length record?
It's on it's way. We're making sure it's extra sexy, and it's the best that it can be. We are printing vinyl as well. By January 2010.

8. God comes down from Heaven and grants D-Strutters one wish. What do you ask for and why?
A sweet tour bus with unlimited gas, so we tour tour tour. I guess that's two wishes, hmmmmm?


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