Eddie The Great To Play Really Tiny Guitar (Top Five Pearl Jam Songs We Hope To Hear Tonight)

Eddie The Great To Play Really Tiny Guitar (Top Five Pearl Jam Songs We Hope To Hear Tonight)

We were lucky enough to see the marvelous Eddie Vedder at the legendary Beacon Theater in New York a couple of weeks back during his latest solo tour, this time promoting his new album Ukulele Songs.

You might be wondering why the former grunge king would ever succumb to tour and highlight the minuscule instrument as the main focal point, but Vedder has played the ukulele on past Pearl Jam albums so it was just a matter of time that he take the small four-stringed guitar on the road.

When Bruce Springsteen was told about Vedder's grandiose tour, he said, "that takes huge balls." (Which pretty much summarizes how we feel, too.)

And although you will hear some Eddie awesomely blast Pearl Jam tunes tonight at the Terrace Theater, mixed in with the news ones, we write this post to Mr. Vedder, selfishly, as a request to play our favorite five Pearl Jam songs that we think would sound incredible on the ukulele:

5. "Sometimes" from No Code

This soft pace track would fit perfectly with the ukulele mostly because Vedder's voice overrides all sound.

4. "Faithful" from Yield

The unagitated guitar intro alone is perfect for the ukulele, but even better is how it transitions back and forth from serene and into a hard pounding sound.

3. "Given to Fly" from Yield

Again from the Yield album, this magical track transcends all musical composition and logic.

2. "Sleight Of Hand" from Binurual

This track from Pearl Jam's sixth album is a bit more complicated in it's production value--it's very heavy on reverb. We're just wondering, could Vedder pull this off on a ukulele? We think so.

1. "Come Back" from Pearl Jam

We know Vedder can do wonders with a ballad, and even more with lyrics. This haunting track, emphasized mainly by percussion, could use a bit of Hawaiian flair.

At 7:30, Terrace Theater, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, $75.


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